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Rebuild A Better Smile With All-On-4

In a world where you can watch movies on demand from your home and get your oil changed in 30 minutes, you can get a new set of teeth in one day.

How is this possible? If you come to our Woodbury, MN dental office, you can get the All-On-4® procedure. Through this advanced technique, Dr. Mark W. Wilhelm can give you a new smile in a single visit.

If you are missing teeth, thinking of getting traditional dentures, or are just tired of fighting with loose-fitting dentures, schedule a consultation at our office. Call [phone] now!

Feel Like Yourself

You deserve replacement teeth that look natural and restore the function of your missing teeth. You should feel confident flashing a smile or biting into an apple, a burger, or some corn on the cob.

If you want to feel good about your smile and you want to eat the foods that you love, then you owe it to yourself to learn if the All-On-4 technique could help you.

If you are missing teeth, then you are already familiar with how it can affect your self-confidence. When someone asks you to pose for a picture, are you happy to smile? Do you feel hesitant about meeting new people because your missing teeth affect how you pronounce words?

Like other implant-supported dentures, All-On-4 will hold your replacement teeth securely in your mouth. This will bring back your complete smile and allow you to speak normally as well.

If you have traditional dentures, you have probably had the experience of them moving around or even coming out from time to time. Trying to say certain words can be difficult, and eating some things may seem nearly impossible.

Implants add security and stability to hold your dentures in position. You can speak freely. You also can fill your plate with the foods you love, knowing that you’ll be able to bite and chew easily once again.

Get The Benefits In Less Time

Modern root-form dental implants have been around since the 1960s. They have proven to be quite effective, too. Implant-supported teeth replacements are the closest thing you can get to growing a new set of healthy teeth.

With standard implants, the process can take a little while, however. You may need to remove teeth. Then you may need to have your implants placed in your jaw. After you have recovered and your jawbone has secured your implants, your dentures can be added to restore the appearance and function of your missing teeth.

This process can take several months depending on your situation and your schedule.

With All-On-4, you can begin enjoying the benefits of your new smile right away. We offer sedation dentistry to keep you calm, comfortable, and pain-free throughout your procedure.

Dr. Wilhelm can remove teeth (if needed), place your implants, and attached temporary dentures in a matter of hours at our office. You will leave with a complete smile, and as your jawbone heals, you’ll notice that you can eat more and more foods. When you return to get your permanent dentures, you will know just how much your All-On-4 dentures feel like real teeth.

Start With A Consultation

Many people are excellent candidates for this procedure. And by coming to our office, you will have the benefit of having your implants placed by Dr. Wilhelm, who is a prosthodontist. To put it simply, he is a dentist who specializes in restoring the appearance and function of teeth.

To get started, schedule a consultation with us in Woodbury, MN. Call [phone] or contact us online.



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