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Repairing Your Smile Should Not Be Painful

Any time you visit a dentist, you deserve to be seen as a person — not just a mouth.

That’s especially true if you are experiencing a dental problem like a broken tooth or lost teeth. You don’t want to go to a dental office where you are just another number.

Instead, you should come to a practice that makes your comfort as much of a priority as your particular dental problem. You shouldn’t feel like you have to suffer just to fix your smile.

At the office of Dr. Mark W. Wilhelm in Woodbury, MN, we emphasize our patients’ comfort during every step of our treatments.

Call us today at 651-319-9064. If you need a tooth repaired or replaced, we’ll make every effort to make the process as painless as possible.

Four Levels of Sedation

Dental anxiety affects millions of people. It’s one of the biggest obstacles preventing many people from getting the treatments they need and deserve.

And fear that a procedure will be painful is one of the most common reasons patients develop dental anxiety.

In fairness to those patients, dental techniques have improved a lot in the last few decades. Depending on your age, your childhood dentist may not have been all that concerned about how comfortable you were. Instead, he or she may have been focused on fixing the problem without a thought about how you might feel during the procedure.

At Dr. Wilhelm’s office, our aim is to give you a pain-free experience whether you need dental implants to support a dental bridge, a series of implants to support a set of dentures, or a tooth extraction. Sedation dentistry gives us multiple ways to do this.

For many procedures, laughing gas (inhaled sedation) is an excellent choice. You can feel a sense of calm within minutes of starting to breathe the gas. It can ease your worries while it blocks you from feeling any pain during your procedure.

You’ll also feel like yourself within few minutes once the gas is turned off. By breathing normally, you’ll exhale any remaining gas so you can feel like yourself again.

For patients with higher levels of anxiety, we may recommend oral sedation instead. This involves taking a dose of medication prior to your procedure. You will need to allow more time for this to take effect, and those effects can last for a few hours.

You will get the same benefits — a sense of calm, no pain — but you also must arrange for someone else to drive you to and from your appointment.

IV Sedation & General Anesthesia

Because Dr. Wilhelm is a prosthodontist (a dental specialist in tooth repair and replacement), we often treat patients who have problems are too difficult for other offices to handle.

For this reason, we also offer the two highest levels of sedation — IV sedation and general anesthesia. To offer these, any dentist must complete hours of coursework, demonstrate the ability to provide this treatment safely in a clinical setting, and get the proper permits.

This gives you the assurance that no matter how complex the solution is for your particular dental problems, we can keep you pain-free during your procedure.

Stay Comfortable & Keep Smiling

You can have your smile back. You can fix what has been damaged and replace what you’ve lost in your smile.

And you can be comfortable at the same time.

Call 651-319-9064 or contact us online to set up a consultation with Dr. Wilhelm. Find out how our sedation options can make your dental restorative care easier to handle.



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