Wisdom Teeth Removal Is Easier in the Summer (blog)

Many people need wisdom teeth removal for different reasons. Around age 17 to early twenties, wisdom teeth come in and may not emerge correctly. When they don’t, they can cause pain and increase the chance of cavities. They’re also hard to clean, so food can get stuck and lead to decay and disease. Even if that’s not the case, there’s often not enough room for four extra teeth, so they can cause crowding.

If you’re in your late teens, early twenties, or any age and haven’t had wisdom teeth removed, summer can be a great time because of flexible schedules. You’ll also need to rest a couple of days, so your work or school won’t be disrupted.

To schedule a wisdom teeth removal in Woodbury, or any type of tooth removal, call [phone] today. Unlike many offices, we offer four levels of sedation to keep you completely relaxed and even unaware of your procedure.

Read more below to see what you can expect at your extraction procedure. The process is similar for most types of extractions.

Before Your Tooth Extraction

No matter what treatment we do here, we will never move forward without you feeling comfortable about the details and without getting all your questions answered. Wisdom teeth removal is no exception. During your consultation, we’ll discuss the procedure in as much detail as you’re comfortable with. That includes things like avoiding food right beforehand and post-op instructions. We’ll also discuss the ways we can make you feel comfortable during your procedure and even with the financial side of things.

Speaking of finances, we know it’s common for people to put off treatments they don’t think are necessary or even those that are necessary for better oral health. We have payment options to help with this barrier to care, including low-interest and no-interest financing.

Before your extraction, Dr. Wilhelm will do a thorough exam to ensure an extraction is your best option. Our digital X-rays also help him prepare for any potential complications that he can work around. They show far more detail than traditional X-rays.

During Your Tooth Extraction

We always make sure our patients are comfortable in whatever way they need. If that means putting on a movie or playing music you like, we’ll do that. If it means giving you a pillow and blanket, we’ll gladly offer them to you.

Of course, we always use the right amount of local anesthesia to keep you from feeling pain, but many people choose sedation for the ultimate pain-free procedure. Choose from:

  • Laughing gas: This is the lowest level of sedation we offer, and you’ll still be awake but fully relaxed. It wears off so fast that you can drive yourself home if you’d like, though it’s often easier to have someone drive you after surgery. It is safe for just about anyone.
  • Oral sedation: This is the next level. We’ll give you a prescription for anti-anxiety medication to take beforehand. You may be awake, but patients often doze off. It can take a little time to wear off, but you won’t remember much of your appointment at all.
  • IV sedation: This stronger level also keeps you conscious during your treatment, but you’ll be in a dreamlike state. You will probably remember nothing about your visit, and you will not feel anything. It also takes a while to wear off, so you’ll need a driver.
  • General anesthesia: This is the level of sedation often used in a hospital setting. You will be completely asleep, so it’s often best for people with a severe fear of dental treatment or other complicated situations.

We often recommend IV sedation for extractions because it is safe, effective, and relaxing for most patients. We’ll discuss your options with you before your procedure.

After Your Extraction

After your extraction is over, we’ll give you post-op instructions to ensure the smoothest recovery possible. You will need to rest for at least two or three days afterward. You’ll also need to eat a liquid and soft-foods diet for the first 24 to 48 hours, so make sure you have foods like soup, pudding, and yogurt on hand. Hot foods and spicy foods are usually not tolerable at first. If you’re diligent about this, you will have much less chance of getting dry socket or other complications.

We’ll also provide instructions for pain relief. You may have some tenderness, soreness, or discomfort afterward. Depending on your situation, we may prescribe a pain reliever or recommend one over the counter. We’ll also provide instructions for keeping gauze on the site and changing it out frequently.

If you’re a smoker or tobacco user, you’ll need to refrain while healing. You’ll also need to hold off on brushing your teeth for a day and then be careful around the site afterward to ensure it heals well.

If you need wisdom teeth removal or any tooth removal in Woodbury, call [phone] to schedule an appointment. You can also request your visit online. The sooner, the better if you’ve been told you need an extraction. If you need tooth removal for any other reason, Dr. Wilhelm is a prosthodontist who specializes in providing the best tooth replacement for your needs.

Imagine Your Smile: Mark W. Wilhelm, DMD, MSD

Imagine Your Smile: Mark W. Wilhelm, DMD, MSD

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