Love Your Smile With Our Cosmetic Care

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, it’s a great time to show some love for someone who should be important in your life — YOU!

Through the power of cosmetic dentistry, you can make improvements to your teeth that will have you wanting to share your smile in person and in pictures posted to social media.

Mark W. Wilhelm, DMD, has been improving smiles for decades for our patients in and around Woodbury, MN. You too can create the smile of your dream. Just call 651-319-9064 to learn what we can do for you.

Create The Change You Want To See

You may have one clear problem that you would like to correct, or you might want to fix multiple issues at the same time. The great news is that we have multiple services that could help you create the smile of your dreams.

Would you like to have a white, bright smile? You can.

Do you want teeth that look straight? You can have that.

Would you like to rebuild broken, cracked, or worn-down teeth? You can do that, too.

These are just a few of the ways you can give your smile an upgrade by visiting Dr. Wilhelm’s office.

Find The Right Service For Your New Smile

When you visit us for your consultation, Dr. Wilhelm can examine your teeth and discuss the changes that you want to see. Together, you can determine which service or services will help you accomplish your smile goals.

Tooth bonding is a fast and effective way to make small repairs to teeth. The composite resin can fill in chips and cracks and close small spaces between teeth.

Tooth contouring and crown lengthening both affect the perceived size of a tooth. If you have a tooth that looks too large for the rest of your smile, contouring is an effective way to remove some excess enamel. If your tooth looks small by comparison, crown lengthening is a way to remove targeted gum tissue so more of your tooth is visible.

Professional teeth whitening is a simple, fast, and effective way to remove stains from teeth. Professional whitening products are stronger than anything you’ll find in stores, which is why they work better, too.

Dental veneers can correct multiple issues at the same time. We’ve used veneers to repair chipped and broken teeth. Veneers can fill the gap between teeth. Veneers can conceal crooked teeth so your smile looks straight, and veneers can make your smile as white and bright as you want it to be.

Treat Yourself This Valentine’s Day

It’s time you showed some love for your smile. Considering all the things that your teeth do for you each and every day, you deserve to have a smile that looks as amazing as you are. Dr. Wilhelm and our team in Woodbury, MN want you to feel great about your teeth.

Let us show you how you can give your smile a boost. Call 651-319-9064 or contact us online to request your cosmetic dentistry consultation soon!



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