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What Is a Prosthodontist?

A prosthodontist is considered an expert when it comes to understanding the way your teeth look, feel and function in your mouth and how they impact your everyday life. Dr. Mark Wilhelm has completed the extra three years of prosthodontic specialty education and training that comes after dental school along with countless hours of continuing education and memberships to professional organizations in order to offer our patients at Imagine Your Smile the most modern care available. There is no case that is considered “too difficult” for Dr. Wilhelm, and we offer the unique services that can benefit even those who are considered to have a “hopeless” mouth. The chart below shows you all the additional benefits that come from choosing a prosthodontist like Dr. Wilhelm.

Specialized in replacing and restoring teeth
Crafts beautiful, natural-looking restorations
Considers function and aesthetics
Offers oral surgery skills and services

About Dr. Mark Wilhelm

Dr. Wilhelm has over three decades of cosmetic, restorative and advanced dentistry experience in Woodbury, MN and the surrounding areas. Over the years as a practicing prosthodontist, Dr. Wilhelm and our team have helped thousands of patients feel confident in their smiles once more. After graduating from dental school, he continued his education for an additional three years to become a prosthodontist, a specialist focused on advanced cosmetics, maxillofacial tissues, dental implants, and more. With a desire to provide nothing but the most high-quality care, Dr. Wilhelm received advanced training from the prestigious Misch Implant Institute and the Kois Center for advanced dentistry. He is respected in the dental community as more than just a prosthodontist, but as an author, consultant, mentor and public speaker on the importance of oral health.
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Why Choose Imagine Your Smile?

  • Modern dental technology in-office
  • A focus on patient comfort with sedation options
  • Excellence in diagnosing and treating concerns
  • Unmatched cosmetic focus and attention to detail
  • Advanced training and specialty focus

Ready to Enhance Your Smile?

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