Patient Testimonials - Woodbury, MN

The Proof Is In Our Patients

  • "Illness Deteriorated My Teeth, An All-On-X Fixed My Smile"
  • "An Accident Affected My Teeth, Dental Implants Gave Me My Confidence Back!"
  • “Crowns and veneers restored my smile”
  • “I didn't want false teeth! Implants let me eat and enjoy food again”
  • “I was afraid I wouldn't have teeth - Dr. Wilhelm was able to place and restore my implants”
  • "I No Longer Hold Back My Smile Due To An All-On-X"
  • “Implants on my lower jaw secure my dentures”
  • “Coming to Dr. Wilhelm for my implants was a one stop shop!”
  • “A dental implant replaced my front tooth, you'd never know!”

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