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Not A Creature Was Stirring… Except You: Sleep Apnea Solutions [BLOG]

You’ve no doubt grown up reading the famous Christmas poem, “Twas The Night Before Christmas.”

Since its publication in the early 1800s, this poem has been shared in households all over the world during the holiday season. The story’s beautiful imagery makes it a wonderful addition to your family’s holiday traditions.

But for anyone suffering from sleep apnea, there’s a piece of this story that evokes a bit of envy. The idea of a quiet, tranquil Christmas Eve night with everyone in the house all snug in their beds is something the sleep apnea sufferer wishes they could enjoy.

If our team at Mark W. Wilhelm has anything to say about it, that’s exactly what you can have if you seek diagnosis and treatment in our Woodbury, MN dental office!

Let’s take a look at some of the problems with sleep apnea and how our skilled team can help you find solutions!

How Sleep Apnea Keeps You Stirring

Nearly 22 million people in this country suffer from sleep apnea and all the miserable symptoms that come with it.

This is a pretty staggering number, but the scariest part is that an estimated 80% of those cases haven’t been professionally diagnosed and treated. This leaves far too many people, and their families, suffering from debilitating symptoms of sleep apnea, and the health risks associated with it.

A few of the most common symptoms are loud, chronic snoring, daytime fatigue, sore throats and headaches in the morning, memory problems, and difficulty concentrating.

Most of these stem from a nightly pattern of airway obstruction where you fall asleep, stop breathing, wake up gasping for air, and fall back asleep again until the next episode. This repeats all night long, which is why you feel like you’re dragging your feet the next day.

The symptoms of sleep apnea are awful on their own, but the health risks are even more serious:


-Higher risk of accidents

-Heart disease


-Weight problems

-Heart attacks


Fortunately, help is available thanks to our experienced, highly-trained team at Mark W. Wilhelm, DMD, MSD. We can accurately diagnose your sleep apnea and treat it successfully with a variety of effective methods.

Sleep Apnea Solutions

By now, you realize why it’s so important to get treatment for your sleep apnea. Not only does your total wellness depend on your ability to sleep peacefully, but your family needs you to be rested, rejuvenated, and healthy, too.

At Mark W. Wilhelm, DMD, we have a variety of treatment options for you to choose from. Our capable team has years of experience helping patients find solutions that work, and we’re committed to doing the same for you.

One possible solution for sleep apnea sufferers is a CPAP machine. These are highly-effective breathing machines that keep air flowing properly through a mask that you wear while you sleep.

This can help you get the rest you need each night. That said, we know that a CPAP machine isn’t for everyone. Because of the mask and the need to stay near an outlet to keep it powered through the night, some people find CPAP machines uncomfortable.

An alternative you might find more comfortable is a custom-made oral appliance. You wear it while you sleep to allow your lower jaw to stay in a forward position that will allow air to flow freely so you can breathe and rest.

But we don’t stop there!

We’re the only practice in the entire state that offers combination therapy, which blends CPAP and oral appliance treatment, to give you the optimum solution to your sleep apnea problems!

Restore Peace On Earth With Sleep Apnea Solutions

Well, maybe you can’t restore peace on earth, but you can restore peaceful, silent nights in your own house with sleep apnea solutions.

At Mark W. Wilhelm, DMD, we approach sleep apnea with strategies that work. We know how disruptive this disorder can be, not just for the sufferer, but for the entire household.

With the right treatment plan, we can help everyone in your family stay nestled all snug in their beds without the loud snoring that’s been robbing all of you of sleep.

For your health, your sleep, and your sanity, find sleep apnea solutions that work for you in our Woodbury, MN dental office in 2018. Call (651) 319-9064 or contact us online to make an appointment or to learn more about how we can help you.




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