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Preventing and Correcting Implant Complications

Saving Your Implant Investment

Our dental implants, placed by our experienced prosthodontist, Dr. Mark Wilhelm, have around a 98 percent success rate after they have been placed within the jaw. This means that you will likely never experience complications to your tooth replacement treatment! However, in the very rare chance that you do experience a complication or if an implant placed by another doctor begins to fail, we offer treatment for most dental implant complications. Dr. Wilhelm has over three decades of experience and can handle some of the most complex cases thanks to his advanced training at the prestigious Misch Implant Institute.

Dental Implant Complications

When gum disease has taken hold around a dental implant, it poses a serious threat to not only your oral health but also to your dental implant investment. Without proper treatment, the bone that supports your implant can begin to deteriorate and the gum tissue recedes. This can lead to implant failure. Dr. Wilhelm can perform peri-implantitis treatment to remove the infection from around your implant, preserving your oral structure and health as well as rebuilding the tissues that were lost.

If you have been in an accident that caused trauma to your implant or the area surrounding it, you may need emergency treatments. We can restore damaged or lost bone tissue with bone grafting to secure your implant again. If any damage has happened to the crown, as a trained prosthodontist, Dr. Wilhelm has the skill and expertise to repair the damage and give you a gorgeous smile once again.

When you need to have implants placed in areas that are visible when you smile, like your front teeth, this is often considered a dental implant complication due to the precision required. Luckily, Dr. Wilhelm excels at placing “smile zone” implants with the help of guided implant technology and his education as a prosthodontist provides you with the most attractive and natural-looking implants.

When it comes to placing implants in the upper molar area, extra precision and care must be taken because of the lack of jawbone due to the sinus cavity residing above. We are able to carefully access this cavity, raise your sinus membrane and place bone grafting material underneath to allow for proper bone volume to support a dental implant.

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Trust an Expert

Choosing the right doctor for your dental implant complications is vital to the success of your treatment and longevity of your implants. Dr. Wilhelm is a trained prosthodontist, meaning he has the skills and education necessary to provide the most attractive and realistic results. In addition, he has advanced training from prestigious institutions like the Misch Implant Institute and the Kois Center for advanced dentistry. And to make sure you are comfortable with your care and our team in performing it, we offer free implant consultations. During this time, Dr. Wilhelm will be able to evaluate your mouth and discover what treatment would best suit your needs.

We Can Help. Find Solutions to Your Dental Implant Complications!

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