Guided Implant Surgery - Woodbury, MN

Ensuring Implant Surgery Success

What Is Guided Implant Surgery?

At Imagine Your Smile, our mission is to offer state-of-the-art care in order to make your treatments as minimally invasive and accurate as possible. Dr. Mark Wilhelm achieves the highest level of precision when performing dental implant surgery through the use of dental implant surgical guides that remove all guesswork from the procedure. In fact, when we use this guided implant surgery technology, virtually 90 percent of the actual work is done prior to the day of surgery! This results in less time you have to sit in the dental chair and a more accurate and successful final product. Our practice features CHROME™ GuidedSMILE technology to provide patients with the utmost success.

How CHROME Guided Implant Surgery Changes Dentistry

  • Improves precision during implant placement
  • Controls depth, angle and position of tools
  • Less time in implant surgery
  • Around 90 percent of treatment pre-planned
  • Customized treatment unique to you
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  • Utilizing Guided Implant Surgery for Longevity

How Does CHROME Work?

When creating your dental implant surgical guide, we must gather detailed information of your mouth, jaw and teeth before preceding with the surgery. This information is gathered through intraoral scanners and cone beam CT scanners. Both these technologies capture detailed images of your mouth and bite in 3D. This allows us to examine your oral structures, including the volume of your jawbone, position of existing tooth roots and location of jaw nerves. We use this information to plan your treatment, including the location, angle and depth of where an implant post will need to be placed. Once the planning is complete, our CHROME laboratory partners will create a customized guide that is unique to your mouth. CHROME is one of the leaders in advanced dental implant surgical guide fabrication, which is proven to provide more successful and accurate results. Once the day of surgery arrives, Dr. Wilhelm will fit the CHROME dental guide onto your jaw and complete the surgery in the shortest time possible.
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Imagine Your Smile with CHROME

CHROME guided implant surgery has revolutionized implant dentistry thanks to the precision, speed and minimally invasive nature required to give patients their dream smile. Dr. Wilhelm can use this technology for single, multiple and full mouth dental implant placement. If dental implants seem like a solution for you, we encourage you to schedule a free consultation with our prosthodontist and team. Dr. Wilhelm has over three decades of dental experience and routinely places over 200 dental implants every year for our Woodbury, MN and surrounding communities. We want to help you discover the best treatment for your smile and are excited to meet you!

Experience the Easiest Path Towards a New Smile!

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