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Gently Removing Your Problem Teeth

What Tooth Extractions Involve

Contrary to popular belief, tooth extractions are not painful experiences and are actually more common than you think. At Imagine Your Smile, our prosthodontist, Dr. Mark Wilhelm, offers gentle tooth extractions of failed, broken or decayed teeth so that you can end tooth pain and embarrassment. Followed by effective tooth replacement solutions from a specialist, patients can get back to a natural and beautiful smile quickly! Dr. Wilhelm will always do whatever he can to save your natural teeth before resorting to tooth extraction, but when decay or tooth pain is too great, an extraction can be the first step to rebuilding your smile.

When performing tooth extractions, Dr. Wilhelm offers both local anesthetic and oral sedation. Most patients only require local anesthetic to numb their jaw and prevent feelings of discomfort. Patients typically report feeling only a slight, dull pressure at the site of their tooth extraction! We take the utmost care to remove your problem teeth with minimal impact to your oral health, keeping the jawbone, gum tissue and nerves that surround the failing tooth safe. Most extractions only take a few minutes and are routine procedures performed in our Woodbury, MN office. After tooth extraction, we can preserve your oral health and restore your smile with bone grafting and tooth replacement solutions.

Common Reasons for Tooth Extraction

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After Tooth Extraction

After you have had a tooth extracted, it is important to follow up with a plan for how you would like to replace the tooth. Dr. Wilhelm offers many effective solutions for missing or extracted teeth depending on your needs, goals and budget. For those that want the most natural solution, a dental implant is the best option as it mimics the function and appearance of a natural tooth. In some cases, we may be able to place an implant the same day as your tooth extraction. If you are not ready yet for dental implants, we can restore your jawbone with bone grafting treatment. This ensures your jawbone is strong and prevents teeth from shifting into the empty space. Once your jaw has healed, we offer a variety of solutions to replace missing and extracted teeth, including:

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