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By Mark W. Wilhelm DMD, MSD

Dr. Wilhelm has created cosmetic dentures for thousands of patients, improving their appearance, confidence and smile. He uses the latest technology and premium quality cosmetic teeth to design affordable dentures that have varying degrees of translucency and layers of color to replicate the look of your natural teeth. The dentures he creates actually blend in with your features providing facial support and a beautiful, natural-looking smile. To discover how you can achieve amazing results with cosmetic dentures give Dr. Wilhelm a call at (651) 227-2427 or send him an email.

In the meantime, you can learn more about how Dr. Wilhelm’s cosmetic denture process works and why his technique is unique, by reading through the following answers to questions that are most often asked by our patients. In addition to contacting Dr. Wilhelm to determine if this is the best procedure for you it is also important to see what other patients are saying about Dr. Wilhelm and his technique.

Why am I experiencing tooth loss?

The two main causes of tooth loss today are periodontal disease and dental caries. Periodontal disease is when the tissue surrounding and supporting the teeth begins to recede. Dental caries is a disease that causes decay-inducing bacteria to form on your teeth and increases your risk for tooth decay and cavities. These diseases are often related to genetics and are not always a reflection of how you care for your teeth.

How does Dr. Wilhelm’s cosmetic denture process work?

Twenty five years ago, Dr. Wilhelm developed a unique technique that he has perfected after helping thousands of patients improve their smile with new dentures. The process begins with a series of detailed measurements taking into account facial size and specific attributes that are unique to your individual mouth. He then designs a custom training denture that is ready prior to having your teeth removed. Each set of dentures he creates is custom-made just for you.

Dr. Wilhelm’s goal at all times is to make the transition to dentures affordable and as easy as possible. He works with you to ensure you receive adequate sedation, detailed instructions and the necessary guidance you need to become comfortable with your new training denture. He will also schedule a follow-up appointment with you so that he can continue to make any necessary adjustments to ensure maximum comfort and fit. After your mouth has completely healed, you will be fitted for a permanent denture. Should you choose this option, you will also be given a spare denture as an emergency replacement, in the event that you need it while you are on vacation or cannot come into the office right away.

Why a training denture? Another dentist said I could have a permanent denture.

After teeth are removed, the jawbone and gums often change shape throughout the healing process and may continue to change up to six to nine months after the procedure. If a dentist fits you with an immediate denture, or a permanent denture, right away there is a 15%-20% chance that your immediate denture may not fit comfortably in the months ahead, requiring you to purchase a new one. The traditional immediate denture often looks like false teeth and also costs more than a training denture. It also requires an additional procedure and expense for refitting. That is why Dr. Wilhelm developed his own training denture method. The training denture that Dr. Wilhelm creates for you is discarded once your mouth has healed and after he fits you with your new permanent denture to ensure your dentures fit perfectly for years to come.

What if I decide I don’t like dentures?

Throughout the healing process Dr. Wilhelm works closely with you to evaluate your denture experience and determine whether dentures work for you. If you decide you don’t like the denture approach to tooth replacement, Dr. Wilhelm will discuss alternatives with you. The nice thing about Dr. Wilhelm’s training denture approach is that it gives you plenty of time to make a decision and it requires less money up front than immediate or permanent dentures, allowing you the freedom to select the best solution for you.

Can I change the appearance of my teeth when I get my dentures?

Cosmetic dentistry enables you to design and choose your dentures so that you can help create your own new smile. Dr. Wilhelm has complete control over creating your new teeth allowing him to make any improvements that you desire. However, please note that some limitations may apply due to extreme skeletal conditions.

Should I keep some of my teeth or should they all be removed at once?

It is recommended that patients receive one single procedure to extract their teeth. Sedation options help to make you feel comfortable and relaxed during the procedure.

How much time should I plan to take off work?

Many patients need a couple of days after the procedure to rest and get used to their new dentures. However, we also have patients who go to work the very next day. How you feel will depend on how quickly you heal. If you need to minimize the time you take off work, we recommend that you schedule your procedure towards the end of the week to take advantage of the weekend.

Will I be able to eat right away?

We will provide you with a list of several foods that you will be able to eat. You may experience some sensitivity during the first week as you learn to wear your new dentures. After the first week new foods will be added to your diet every day. Soon you will be able to enjoy all of your favorite foods.

Why see a specialist for cosmetic dentures?

You use your teeth every waking hour of every day, year-after-year, which makes finding a dentist you trust and who has the knowledge and experience required for this procedure incredibly important. A specialist is more likely to have performed the procedure hundreds of times. In fact over the last twenty five years, Dr. Wilhelm has designed dentures for thousands of patients. He understands that recreating nature with dentures is an art that requires him to pay close attention to the smallest details to create a natural, youthful appearance.

Do I have any choices when it comes to materials used, levels of care and the cost of dentures?

Because Dr. Wilhelm has tremendous experience in providing specialized and affordable cosmetic denture services, he offers an array of material choices and levels of care to suit your budget. During your initial consultation he will take the time to learn about your desires and concerns, so that he can tailor your care to meet your individual needs. If you have an allergy or sensitivity to conventional materials he will recommend several alternatives that may work better for you.

Will my dentures last forever?

Depending on the stability of your supporting bone and gum tissue your cosmetic denture should fit well for several years and only occasionally need some minor refitting or relining. Most dentures have a useful lifespan of approximately ten years.

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Genuine and Caring


Dr. Wilhelm and his staff are genuine and caring which made my dental visits more enjoyable. I also want to thank Dr. Wilhelm for his artistic ability to create a natural smile that I feel confident with.

He and his staff were as excited as I was with my results. I would highly recommend Dr. Wilhelm.

Tim S.

Dr. Wilhelm and the staff were wonderful

mary-archerBeing very apprehensive of dental care I knew I needed somehow to overcome my fear. From my first phone call to Dr. Wilhelm to the completion of my dental work Dr. Wilhelm and the staff were wonderful. They went above my expectation to make me feel comfortable and relaxed through the intensive process of an upper prosthetic. They made sure everything fit perfectly and that they were functional for me, I can eat corn on the cob! My questions were answered promptly and to my satisfaction. Dr. Wilhelm even met me at his office after hours when I needed it. I have recommended Dr. Wilhelm and his staff to many people and will continue to do so. Thank-you all for my rock star smile!

Mary A.


judy-mcstottOn September 13th I had a serious accident in which I lost my front teeth. I was devastated. I was immediately referred to Dr. Wilhelm who is a Prosthodontic specialist. The professionalism and skill that Dr. Wilhelm and his staff demonstrated was remarkable. Dr. Wilhelm was instrumental in building me a perfect set of teeth that I am so proud of.

I would highly recommend Dr. Wilhelm for his skill, professionalism and complete concern for his patients.

I wasn’t comfortable smiling for about 2 years. It really is amazing how a beautiful smile will give you so much confidence. I have had many nice compliments on my new smile….what a great feeling! Dr. Wilhelm and his staff were extremely thorough, from start to finish. I would highly recommend Dr.Wilhelm to everyone.

Judy M.