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Stay Calm, Comfortable For All Your Dental Care

We offer a range of dental services at the office of Mark W. Wilhelm DMD. Our team can do everything from tooth removals to dental implant placements. It’s also why we offer sedation dentistry for all our patients.

Dental sedation has been around in some form or another for more than 170 years. Today, we are proud to be able to offer four kinds of sedation options at our dentist office in Woodbury, MN.

Whether you have dental anxiety or you are undergoing a complex procedure, we can do whatever you need to be done without causing you pain or discomfort.

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How Sedation Dentistry Could Help You

Dental anxiety is more common than many people realize. Experts estimate that as many as 35 million Americans avoid getting dental treatment that they need because of their anxiety.

In other words, you are not alone if you feel anxious, nervous, or afraid of going to the dentist. Dr. Wilhelm and our team will do everything we can to make your dental visit as pleasant as possible.

We will discuss our dental sedation options in a moment. We also want you to know that we offer other comfort options to make your visit easier to handle.

Some patients prefer to take advantage of our pillows and blankets to feel as cozy as possible during their treatment. Other patients prefer to distract themselves by listening to music or watching a movie.

We should point out that anxiety is only one reason you may want to consider sedation dentistry. For many services, sedation ensures that you will not feel any pain during the procedure. For more complex cases, sedation also helps you remain still so we can complete the treatment more efficiently.

We welcome you to contact us if you have questions about any of our services.


Which Sedation Option Is Right For You?

At our dentist office in Woodbury, MN, most patients receive some form of sedation dentistry. This is because Dr. Wilhelm is a prosthodontist. That is a dentist who specializes in the restoration and replacement of teeth.

The kind of dental sedation that is right for you can depend on a variety of factors such as  the specific procedure you are receiving, how complicated that procedure may be, and your personal level of anxiety.

Dr. Wilhelm can discuss which kind of sedation would be right for you during a consultation. We want you to feel comfortable before, during, and after your treatment is complete.

Please keep that in mind as you read about our sedation options, starting with the strongest sedation that we offer.


◆ General anesthesia

This kind of sedation will put you to sleep. Generally, this would be used for more complicated oral surgeries. This assures that you won’t feel anything during the procedure.

It also will take a few hours for this kind of anesthesia to wear off. If you receive this, then you also must arrange for someone else to drive you home. This is for your safety.


◆ IV sedation

In Minnesota, special training is required for someone to administer IV sedation. (The same is true for general anesthesia and oral sedation.) Not all dentists have undergone the training necessary to offer these sedation options, however.

Rather than putting you to sleep, IV sedation leaves you in a twilight state. You won’t be aware of what is happening and you won’t feel any pain. The IV sedation allows us to carefully control the medication you are receiving.

Again, it may take hours to recover after IV sedation so you must have a friend or family member available to take you home.


◆ Oral sedation

Oral sedation is what it sounds like. You take a dose of medication in pill form before your treatment begins. In this case, you should have someone bring you to our office and take you home after your procedure.

For many patients, this is sufficient to complete most procedures. You will need a few hours to recover from the medication, however.


◆ Nitrous oxide

You may know this better as “laughing gas.” This is a fast-acting sedation option that wears off quickly as well. All you have to do is breathe. By inhaling the gas, you will feel more relaxed and you won’t feel any pain.

At the end of your treatment, you simply exhale the remaining gas. Within a few minutes, many patients are ready to go on with their day.


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