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Whiter Teeth With Help From Mother Nature

We were meant to have white teeth. That’s what Mother Nature intended, and she was kind enough to provide some help for us if our color gets out of whack. Here are some natural dental whitening remedies that may be able to help you. Talk with Dr. Wilhelm before starting one of these natural whitening regimens. He will help you choose the one that will work well for your situation.


Natural Teeth Whitening Remedies


Oil Pulling – It seems that some of the best treatments come to us from the pages of history. That is what happened with oil pulling. This remedy is straight out of the Ayurvedic medical tradition of ancient India. What you do is take a tablespoon of oil (sesame, coconut, or sunflower seed oil is recommended) and swish it around your teeth and gums for 20 minutes. Starting out, the 20-minute mark may be hard to get to, so start at 5 and work your way up from there. This is a slow method, and you will have to be consistent before you start to see the results. However, the benefits to your mouth extend to your gums as well as the shade of your teeth.


Strawberries – This is the tastiest of the remedies, but you won’t actually be eating the strawberries. You need to mash the strawberries and mix them into a paste using baking soda. Once you’ve made the paste, spread it across your teeth for roughly five or six minutes. Then just rinse, brush, and floss to make sure you get all the little seeds out of your teeth.


You probably want to know why strawberries work before you give this easy remedy a try. Strawberries contain a chemical called malic acid. Malic acid is a natural enamel whitener, and the whiter your enamel is, the whiter your teeth appear to those around you.


Hydrogen Peroxide – Hydrogen peroxide is the active whitening ingredient in most store-bought whitening solutions. So, it isn’t much of a surprise that it is by itself a natural teeth whitening solution. The bleaching effects of hydrogen peroxide are also used in some hair dyes. Simply pour a little  hydrogen peroxide into a cup, add a pinch of baking soda, and mix it into a paste. Scoop the paste onto your toothbrush, and brush your teeth like you normally would. Be sure to get all sides of your teeth. You will get the benefit of the antibacterial properties of the hydrogen peroxide as well as the whitening. You can use this treatment on a daily basis, but be careful how hard you brush. Baking soda is very coarse and may damage your enamel if you brush too vigorously.

Orange Peel – With all the talk about how citric acid erodes your enamel, it may seem strange that we include a fruit that is high in citric acid on the list. Well, the peel has much less citric acid than the actual fruit but the same chemical, d-limonene, in it. D-limonene is a natural solvent that has been shown to be effective in getting rid of many types of dental stains. Take the peel and rub the inside white part on your teeth, almost like you would with a tissue. The peel acts like a magic eraser for many of your staining issues.

Apple Cider Vinegar – If it can clear limescale from your coffeemaker, it most certainly can help you get rid of dental stains. Just take a little vinegar and swish it around your mouth. You will want to use it consistently as it may take several weeks for the results to become evident, but many people say it has an effect that looks almost professional. Be sure to brush your teeth following your vinegar treatment. Otherwise, you run the risk of the acid hurting your enamel and your breath having a strong apple cider vinegar smell for the rest of the day.


Staining Foods You Should Limit


Coffee – Coffee is a major dental staining agent. You will find yourself with a darker smile before you know it if you drink a lot of coffee. Be sure to at least rinse your mouth out after drinking coffee. This will help lessen the darkening effect it can have on your teeth.


Tea – Tea is said to be even more staining than wine is. Be careful when you drink tea. Rinse your mouth with water and/or brush immediately after.


Wine – Ever seen that person at the party who has had too much red wine? They are the one with the purple teeth. There is no way that drinking frequently can be good for the color of their smile. Make sure you brush and rinse after drinking red wine.


Want Faster Results?


All of the natural remedies listed above are great, but they will take time and may not be as effective as you’d like. If you want faster results, call Mark W. Wilhelm, DMD, MSD. We can help you whiten your teeth in as little as 15 minutes per day. We have professional whitening treatments that include custom-fit dental trays and specially formulated whitening solutions. Call our Woodbury, MN prosthodontist office today at 651-319-9064 to schedule your appointment.



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